With a prestige view

For over ten years, we are creating a modern and made with extreme care furniture. In our collection you will find benches, tables, chairs, systems, desks, and many other pieces of furniture inspired by the stories of families demanding. A series of functional models introduced with the latest technology and intelligent solutions. Developed over the years a systematic approach to design has resulted in a number of innovative implementations. We are proud to confirm that our customers are the co-creators of individual products, because thanks to their opinion, we are able to continuously improve future projects. Information from our customers is for us a valuable source of inspiration, and customers satisfaction with the use of the furniture is for us a measure of their functionality. Our ambition is to share the passion for beautiful and practical things and inspiring to create thoughtful and individual home space. The functionality of our furniture, we combine with the latest trends in design, that follow participating in the furniture fair all over the world. Our advantage is the ability to combine unique design, high quality materials, modern textures and a wide range of colors. Satisfied customers confirm that this is an important advantage of the free choice of furniture.

Assured quality

The highest quality of our products is the result of work professionally prepared team of people with passion and the use of carefully selected, highest quality materials. Our suppliers are certified European producers, and the quality of our products is confirmed by numerous approvals:

  • - Hygienic No. 240/779/271/2010 confirming Hygiene Class E1
  • - Hygienic No. 241/779/272/2010 confirming Hygiene Class E1
  • - Fire classification issued by ITB in Warsaw - Class D - s2, d0

Of course, that eco

Our chipboards and laminated boards do not come from national parks, nature reserves and other protected areas. We do not pollute the environment and care for the welfare of future generations, because our furniture is made of biodegradable materials, and the process of their production is environment friendly. This is confirmed by certifications PEFC and FSC. We also encourage you to familiarize yourself with our activities for the benefit of endangered rhinos (see tab LOGO)

Furniture full of emotion

Our furniture arouse much excitement from the design stage, through production, to purchase and daily use. It participate in our life, is a witness of the great joy and companion during nostalgic moments. Sometimes benches are a meeting center, a place of learning. With their participation arise brilliant ideas, difficult decisions are making. Often they change position, but never lose a spirit.

We personally admit, that joined us passion for creating beautiful and functional furniture and the belief, that the perfect interior is the one, in which we feel good.


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EDG: 5738/05

Joined us passion for creating beautiful and functional furniture and the belief, that the perfect interior is the one, in which we feel good.